Layer Group.

Layer Group is a leading surface service provider in Sweden and offers services such as painting, flooring, tiling and facade finishing.

    The group consists of:

  • Stoby Måleri: Founded in 1969, based in Hässleholm
  • Ekbladhs Måleri: Founded in 1967, based in Landskrona
  • Bruske Måleri: Founded in 1936, based in Stockholm
  • Målerimetoder: Founded in 1984, based in Stockholm
  • Vaksala Måleri: Founded in 2006, based in Uppsala
  • B Krafft Måleri: More than 100 years of history, based in Örebro
  • MPA Måleri: Founded in 1986, based in Västerås
  • P. Chr. Rusch & Son: Founded 1862, based in Gothenburg
  • KP Måleri: Founded 1988, based in Gothenburg
  • Effektiv Måleri: Founded 1995, based in Gothenburg
  • Måleribolaget: Founded 1938, based in Alingsås
  • Måleripartner: Founded 1988, based in Helsingborg
  • Hållbart Måleri: Founded 2019, based in Uppsala
  • Lundquistguppen: Founded 2007, based in Umeå
  • Lööws Måleri: Founded 2008, based in Uppsala
  • Svensson & Son Måleri: Founded 1947, based in Trelleborg
  • Kimmos Måleri: Founded 1994, based in Borås
  • Sanfridssons Måleri & Tekniska Golv i Norrbotten: Founded 1986, based in Piteå
  • Lönnbergs Måleri & Lönnbergs Fönster: Founded 1998, based in Eskilstuna
  • Wahlqvist Måleri: Founded 2004, based in Karlskrona
  • Willéns Måleri: Founded 1960, based in Kumla
  • C4 Entreprenad: Founded 2015, based in Stockholm
  • Tinter: Founded 1987, based in Gothenburg
  • Högström Golv: Founded 2004, based in Gävle
  • Arne Lundqvist Måleri & Concreto Golvteknik: Founded 1957, based in Luleå
  • Stenmontören: Founded 1990, based in Helsingborg
  • Mästarna Vision: Founded 1939, based in Sundsvall




Value creation plan.

  • Continue the consolidation in a fragmented market
  • Geographic expansion into new regions and customer segments
  • Drive operational excellence and synergies through best practice and scale
  • Strengthen and support the organization to enable planned expansion

Stockholm, Sweden


John Strand


Lars Österberg


SEK ~1,700m





Litorina’s ownership

Litorina V



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