Working at Litorina.

  • People are Litorina’s most important asset and we are proud of our team
  • As a team, we are excited about what we are doing and the results we deliver
  • For us, the only way to develop Litorina is to improve ourselves and to attract and develop talented and driven people
  • Litorina offers a great opportunity to an interesting, fun and developing career

Who we are.

Our vision is to be the preferred partner to Nordic management teams that want to take their companies to full potential. This will help us to fulfil our mission – to invest in and build sustainable companies that enables us to generate attractive returns.



Litorina’s values.

Litorina Development Framework.

  • Introduction days and onboarding
  • When new at Litorina, the onboarding program gets you up to speed both by introducing Litorina’s way of working and by helping you build your own private equity skill set and toolbox. The program includes introductions to e.g. the acquisition process, LBO modelling, key legal documentation and terms, ownership programs as well as financing terms, structures and processes.


  • Day-to-day learning and feedback
  • You will learn every day on the job and experience a sharp learning curve!


  • Coaching and mentoring
  • An opportunity to have a more senior colleague as mentor and coach to help develop your skills. Together with your coach, you will set your annual development plan with key focus areas and activities, as well as follow-ups. Our ambition is to support all our colleagues in their career development and help them grow professionally as well as individually.


  • Trainings
  • Tailored trainings based on individual needs as well as training initiatives for broader groups.


  • Learning, Evolution and Organisation (LEO)
  • Annual feedback loop for all employees at Litorina. The LEO process provides input from the organisation, which forms the basis for next year’s individual development plan.


Q&A with Cassandra Länninge

Cassandra started at Litorina in 2021. Below are some of her thoughts about how it is to work at Litorina as an Associate.


  • Why did you choose to work within private equity?
  • The private equity industry has always intrigued me, and with a background within investment banking, I had been working alongside the industry for several years before joining Litorina. I will forever be grateful for my experiences within banking and I found it a great place to learn, but I also longed to broaden my skillset beyond transaction advisory and stay with the companies post-transaction.

  • .. and why Litorina?
  • Several reasons, but let me line-up the ‘top 3’: 1) I was attracted to the size of the investments that Litorina do and that the investment strategy is very growth-focused. 2) I liked Litorina’s focus on consumer and business services segments, which are two industries I find very interesting. 3) Sounds cheesy, but I really liked the culture. Everyone I met during my interview process seemed very smart and passionate about building businesses, but at the same time very down to earth. Having worked here for a while now, the culture is still one of the things I like the most. It is a very fun and collaborative environment where you are expected to come with your opinion no matter your title.

  • What does your typical week look like?
  • It really differs from day-to-day (and week-to-week), and that is also one of the factors that excites me most about this job. Transaction processes are still an important part of my job today, only that I have joined the other side. Meaning that my role now is focused on evaluating and critically assessing potential investments rather than “just” presenting and selling them. Regular daily tasks include everything from conducting market/company research, modelling in excel, helping our portfolio companies with various tasks, creating presentations in PowerPoint, participating in calls and meetings with various advisers, industry experts, portfolio companies as well as with new companies we are considering investing in. As I am still kind of new to Litorina, I have not yet had the opportunity to complete an investment from start to end, but I look forward doing so (hopefully soon!) and being able to work more with value creation for that specific investment.

  • What surprised you the most about your work?
  • That it very often comes down to the people. We don’t just invest in companies or a great business idea, but also the entrepreneurs and the entire team behind the company. I mean, of course a lot of the work that we do is about the numbers or different corporate documents, but what it boils down to in the end is often the people. It is a lot more about their motivation, your chemistry together and if you share the same vision for the future than I expected.

  • What skills/traits do you need to apply for the same position as you have and who would you recommend this job to?
  • Following up on the previous question, I would say that the most important skills are your motivation and mindset. This goes for any type of job, but unless you really think that what you do is fun and interesting, it will never motivate or help you develop to your full potential. So, if you are interested in working with us here at Litorina and you have a genuine interest for understanding and analysing companies from a commercial, financial and strategic perspective, you’re off to a great start. To be a part of our team, you should have the skills to be nitty gritty and in the details, while at the same time being able to see the broader perspective. Furthermore, it is important that you enjoy and get motivated by being part of a team, and that you prefer a job with a diverse and changing set of tasks.