At Litorina, we are convinced that our companies must have a sustainable and long-term approach to be successful. For us, sustainability is essential to drive long term value creation. We recognize that our decisions and activities have an impact on the environment and on the people and communities where we and our portfolio companies operate. As active owners, it is Litorina’s ambition to manage those impacts and promote sustainable business practices.

We are committed to promote good business practices across our portfolio companies and at Litorina. We do this because we believe it is the right thing to do. Litorina also believe that companies which effectively manage environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) risks and opportunities well are better positioned to increase their long-term value. As a result, we have incorporated our ESG framework into our investment process and active ownership model.

Litorina is a signatory to the United Nation’s Principles for Responsible Investment and a member of the industry organisations Invest Europe and Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association.

The EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) ((EU) 2019/2088) is a set of EU rules which aim to make the sustainability profile of funds more comparable and better understood by end-investors. Litorina is committed to adhering to SFDR and sustainability matters are integrated in all aspects of our investment process and active ownership model. More information can be found in our Responsible Investment Framework.

Litorina does not consider principal adverse sustainability impacts of investment decisions as per Article 4 of the SFDR as the regulatory requirements are still to be finalised. However, we will monitor the regulatory development and evaluate and update our position accordingly.

Sustainability matters are an important and integrated part of our investment process and ownership model, and it is our intention to comply with Article 8 requirements. However, there is still uncertainty on what these requirements exactly entail, and we need to get a better understanding before we can make this commitment.

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