Arne Lundquist Måleri and Concreto Golvteknik joins Layer Group

Layer Group further strengthen its position in Northern Sweden through the acquisitions of the painting- and flooring companies Arne Lundquist Måleri and Concreto Golvteknik, operating in Luleå, Umeå, and Boden.


“Arne Lundqvist Måleri and Concreto Golvteknik operate in a growing region with significant new investments and high financial growth. We find that the owners, Niclas Söderberg, Kåre Sundström, Robert Selberg, and Robert Söderberg, have built a great company that fits well into Layer Group and look forward to a strong partnership between Layer Group’s existing companies in the region”, says John Strand, CEO of Layer Group

Layer Group is a leading surface service provider in Sweden, comprising of local market leaders with strong and driven entrepreneurs. The group has sales of over SEK 1.4 billion and employs more than 1,200 people across Sweden. For more information, please visit