Physical Medicine Group.

Physical Medicine Group (“PMG”) was formed through the merger between Klinikk for Alle and Naprapatlandslaget. PMG is the market leading provider of physical manual therapy treatments in Northern Europe with 500+ therapists across ca. 120 clinics located in Sweden and Norway. The group has a strong focus on quality care to patients and aim to always attract the best therapists. PMG has a proven ability to grow organically in existing clinics and with new greenfields, as well as through strategic acquisitions.
Physical Medicine Group

Value creation plan.

  • Capture like-for-like growth in existing clinics supported by the attractive market development for physical manual therapy
  • Drive greenfield growth by establishing new clinics
  • Consolidate the market with strategic acquisitions
  • Ensure to attract, develop and retain the best therapists, and strengthen the central organisation and Board, to enable the growth agenda
  • Drive operational excellence and achieve scale benefits

Stockholm, Sweden


Fredrik Lagerkvist


NOK ~470m





Litorina’s ownership

Litorina V



Year of acquisition

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