Northern Environmental and Water Solutions.

Northern Environmental and Water Solutions (“NEWS”) is a market leading provider of pressurized and passive treatment technology sewage solutions to customers across the Nordics. NEWS provides cost efficient sewage solutions for households that are not connected to municipal gravity-based wastewater network and treatment. NEWS was created in 2014 when it became umbrella company for Skandinavisk Kommunalteknik (“SKT”) and FANN.

Value creation plan.

  • Develop each unit independently while gaining some synergies in back-office shared services.
  • Drive organic growth by addressing the large number of Nordic households that do not have environmentally friendly wastewater solutions or that do not comply with local or national regulations.

Stockholm, Sweden


FANN: Rikard Andskär,
SKT: Tomas Hörman,
Alunda: Joakim Ambrosson


Paul Steene


SEK ~250m





Litorina’s ownership

Litorina IV



Year of acquisition

Paul Steene,
Tero Merentie

Investment team

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