Fiskarhedenvillan (“FHV”), founded in 1993, is a leading Swedish supplier of quality single-family houses with operations in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The company provides energy-smart and individually tailored quality houses at competitive prices to around 500 families each year. FHV delivers the building material to all customers in stages, in the form of building kits instead of a pre-fabricated structure, substantially increasing the flexibility for customers to adjust their houses according to their preferences while at the same time receiving a turn-key solution.

Value creation plan.

  • Strengthen and support the organization to drive sales in Sweden and establish a strong presence in Norway
  • Expand and strengthen the sales agent network across the two main markets
  • Improve the digital communication platform, update the customer offering and broaden the perception of Fiskarhedenvillan in the market
  • Establish a Nordic footprint by entering into one or two additional Nordic markets
  • Improve internal operations by implementing LEAN and further digitalization

Borlänge, Sweden


Gunnar Jönsson


Tomas Ringdahl


SEK ~700m





Litorina’s ownership

Litorina IV



Year of acquisition

Lars Verneholt,
Mattias Letmark

Investment team

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