Litorina acquires Fiskarhedenvillan

Litorina IV is acquiring the majority shareholding in Fiskarhedenvillan Group, one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of one-family houses. The current majority owner, Polaris Private Equity, is selling all its shares, while the company’s management is remaining as joint owner.


Fiskarhedenvillan is a growing supplier of one-family houses that delivers around 500 houses per year. From its original local markets in Dalarna and Mälardalen, the company has achieved a strong market position for the whole of Sweden – despite the downturn in the construction industry in recent years. Today the company generates sales of around SEK 400 million and employs around 60 staff. The business concept is anchored in so-called “house-building kits”. The customer receives the building materials in stages in the form of building kits, as the construction work progresses. The processing of building components (with a few exceptions) is carried out by subcontractors (such as sawmills and manufacturers of interior components). Fiskarhedenvillan offers flexibility, so the customer is able to select a model house or use their own drawings. They can even build some or all of the house themselves, which also allows the customer to modify the price of the end product. Sweden and Norway are Fiskarhedenvillan’s primary markets, but the company also sells to Denmark, Finland and Russia.

Lars Verneholt is a partner at Litorina and emphasises Fiskarhedenvillan’s strong position and potential in the Nordic single-family house market: “The concept of house-building kits means that the benefits of standardisation can be exploited to a certain extent, while house-buyers also have a great amount of freedom to put their stamp on the home environment. Fiskarhedenvillan has employed architects and building engineers who can help the customers through the process. The expansion of the company is also based on the fact that the concept is cost-effective from the house-buyer’s perspective. The company is often able to compete successfully with the price level of older houses.”

Fiskarhedenvillan is considered to have strong potential for future growth. The weak construction market in recent years will probably have generated an accumulated demand for new builds and new opportunities have opened up through contacts in the Norwegian construction market. Gunnar Jönsson, CEO of Fiskarhedenvillan, adds: “Our concept has demonstrated its strength even when the construction market was weak. With our new owner, Litorina, we are now entering a new phase. We will expand our network of local agents in Norway, streamline logistics for our deliveries and intensify our product development, particularly with regard to energy-efficient buildings. We will also further strengthen our resources for tailored customer solutions and focus on maintaining our high levels of quality and customer satisfaction.”

Jan Dahlqvist is a partner at Polaris Private Equity and a former member of the Board of Directors at Fiskarhedenvillan. He considers Litorina to be a given owner for the next stage of the company’s development: “Litorina has an industrial expertise that will be a valuable asset during the next expansion phase. Together with the experienced management of Fiskarhedenvillan, they will be able to create the best conditions for growth.”

For further information, please contact:

Lars Verneholt, +46 (0)8 545 180 11, Litorina Capital Advisors
Gunnar Jönsson, +46 (0)243 79 42 50, CEO, Fiskarhedenvillan

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Fiskarhedenvillan is one of Sweden’s largest producers of one-family houses and delivers around 500 houses every year, primarily to private individuals. Fiskarhedenvillan stands for quality and flexibility and offers energy-smart and individually tailored housing at competitive prices. The company was founded in 1993 and today has 60 employees in Sweden. Its head office is located in Borlänge, where there is also a terminal for the collection and coordination of all construction materials. Fiskarhedenvillan generates sales of around SEK 400 million. For more information, please visit