Textilia – enabling a clean and efficient hospital environment.

Building the leading Swedish textile service provider to healthcare suppliers and hospitals.

About Textilia.

Textilia, with head office in Örebro, is a specialist full-service provider of sustainable and business critical textile services to public and private health care providers and hospitals in Sweden. Through its five laundry facilities across Sweden, Textilia ensures 150,000 healthcare workers have clean clothes each day and that 16,000 beds have fresh bedlinen. In total, 200,000 articles are handled in Textilia’s facilities each day.

Investment rationale.

Textilia was a Swedish textile service provider with a strong local market position with independently run facilities when Litorina met the company in 2009. Litorina saw a potential to support the company in growing the scale of the business organically and by acquiring additional units across Sweden. The ambition was to create an integrated group, enabling operational excellence and improved efficiency, as well as to lower the groups environmental impact.

Value creation initiatives.

  • Setting the foundation
  • During Litorina’s ownership, large investments were made in building up the management team including recruitment of Fredrik Lagerkvist as CEO, adding central functions for Environment, Quality and CSR, Procurement, as well as an Operation’s unit and a dedicated Production Manager. A new board was put in place to support the management team with expertise from the relevant customer segments, as well as with strategic and operational capabilities.

  • Organic and M&A-led growth
  • Textilia had a strong market position across its four local business units in 2009. A clear growth agenda was set to win new outsourcing contracts, renew existing customer agreements and grow with additional volumes as well as to establish Textilia in new parts of the Swedish market. During our ownership, Litorina supported Textilia in the acquisition of a new unit in Boden that enabled Textilia to enter the Northern Swedish textile service market.

  • Operational initiatives
  • Textile cleaning services require efficient handling of a complex logistical process where delivery accuracy is crucial for not disrupting the daily health care services. Litorina supported the team in making significant investments in the production facilities to increase efficiency while at the same time lowering the environmental impact, as well as in the acquisition of the textile logistics solutions company Texi. In total, Textilia invested SEK 450 million in its operations, facilities and production units during Litorina’s six years of ownership.



In 2014, when Litorina sold Textilia, the company had increased its sales by 40% to SEK 500 million with stable and strong margins. Textilia was now a fully integrated textile service group with a number one position in the Swedish public and private health care market.