Fiskarheden­villan – building high-quality single-family houses.

Building the leading Swedish and Norwegian fully flexible single-family house supplier.

About Fiskarhedenvillan.

Fiskarhedenvillan, with head office in Borlänge, is a leading supplier of high-quality single-family houses with operations in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The company provides energy-smart and individually tailored quality houses at competitive prices to around 500 families each year. Fiskarhedenvillan delivers the building material to all customers in stages, in the form of building kits instead of a pre-fabricated structure, substantially increasing the flexibility for its customers. In 2012, Litorina partnered with the management team and key personnel to build a Nordic champion within the sector.

Investment rationale.

Fiskarhedenvillan was a Swedish single-house supplier with a strong local market position in 2012. Litorina saw the potential to support the company in strengthening the Swedish business and establish a strong market position in the Norwegian market. The ambition was to capitalize on Fiskarhedenvillan’s strong value proposition to customers and strengthening its sales capabilities, both digital and traditional sales model.

Value creation initiatives.

  • Setting the foundation
  • In order to drive increased growth across Sweden and Norway, Litorina together with the CEO focused on strengthening the team, adding several new members to the management team such as a new CFO, head of sales, chief product officer, quality manager and a new HR role. In total, the company almost doubled its full-time employees to more than 110 during Litorina’s ownership.

  • Growth in Sweden and Norway
  • Fiskarhedenvillan had high growth expectations from its core Swedish market and wanted to capture a strong position in Norway. To achieve this, Fiskarhedenvillan strengthened its network of sales agents by 60%, mainly supporting the Norwegian expansion. With a clear focus on developing its online presence and social media marketing strategy the company has grown successfully in Sweden and established a strong foothold in Norway with a 5% market share.

  • Operational initiatives
  • Designing and building houses is a complex process, especially when allowing for the high flexibility in design that Fiskarhedenvillan offers its customers. To improve efficiency and support to onboarding of new employees, Fiskarhedenvillan introduced several digitalization initiatives. One of the initiatives was to introduce a digital support tool within the drawing department called Rewit, helping drawers to reduce the time needed for designing a new house.



In 2020, when Litorina sold Fiskarhedenvillan, the company had almost doubled its sales to SEK 700 million with strong margins and cash flow. Fiskarhedenvillan was now a leading single-family house supplier in Sweden and Norway with a nascent market position in Finland, helping 500 families each year to build their dream home.