Michael Lindskog appointed new CEO in Litorina’s portfolio company CarpetVista

The board of CarpetVista, the leading online retailer within high quality carpets in Europe, has appointed Michael Lindskog as new CEO with start on 14 October 2019. Michael will focus on accelerating growth in CarpetVista and fully leveraging the platform that has been established in the company since Litorina’s investment in December 2015.

CarpetVista 1

”We are very pleased that Michael, with his solid experience within international e-commerce, will take on the role as CEO of CarpetVista. Together with Michael and his team, who have a deep understanding of technology and online marketing, I look forward to drive continued profitable growth”, says Erik Lindgren, new chairman of the board since 2019. Erik has broad experience within e-commerce and digitalisation from e.g. Apotea, as chairman, and various e-commerce companies such as Addnature, Babyland and Tretti.se.

”I look forward to work at CarpetVista which already is a well-established and successful company, but where I think there exists an opportunity to further strengthen, or take on, a leading role in a number of markets beyond what is the case today”, says Michael Lindskog. Michael has vast experience working with e-commerce and running organisations based on data-driven decision-making. Michael was previously responsible for Zalando in the Nordic region and before that project manager at McKinsey. From these roles, Michael has a broad international experience from key markets for CarpetVista such as Germany and the US.

For further information, please contact:

Erik Lindgren, +46 70 824 12 86, chairman of CarpetVista

CarpetVista, with a turnover of c. SEK 400m, is the leading online retailer within high quality carpets. The company has its head office and central warehouse in Malmö and offers Europe’s largest assortment of unique handmade and machine-made carpets. CarpetVista sells its carpets internationally to markets such as Germany, France, the Netherlands and the Nordics through its own online stores. For more information, please visit www.carpetvista.se.

Litorina, founded in 1998, focuses on acquiring and industrially developing companies together with their management teams. Litorina offers broad and deep expertise both via its own organisation and through its network of industrial advisors. For more information, please visit www.litorina.se.