Litorina’s portfolio company WallVision successfully completes listing of its subsidiary Embellence Group on Nasdaq First North Premier


  • Embellence Group (“Embellence” or the “Company”), a leading House of Brands in interior decoration, with a focus on premium brands within wallpaper, textile, rugs and other interior decoration, today announced the outcome of the initial public offering of its shares on Nasdaq First North Premier
  • The Offering attracted strong interest from Swedish and international institutions as well as the general public in Sweden, and the Offering was oversubscribed
  • The IPO was priced at SEK 42 per share, corresponding to a market capitalisation of c. SEK 900 million for Embellence
  • Litorina controls approximately 63% of WallVision, who sold c. 50% of its Embellence shares in the IPO including over-allotment

Embellence is a leading House of Brands in interior decoration, with a focus on premium brands within wallpaper, textile, rugs and other interior decoration. With more than 100 years’ history, a competitive brand portfolio, and an international position, customers are offered high-quality products that contribute to a more beautiful and inspiring everyday life.

For the past ten years, the Company has successfully expanded internationally and has established strong presence in large parts of the world, with a leading position in Sweden, Norway, Italy and the UK. Embellence’s brand portfolio comprises Cole & Son, Wall&decò, Boråstapeter, Perswall and Pappelina. The brands’ collective design archive contains everything from exclusive prints with a high degree of design to more timeless and classical styles.

For the full year 2020, Embellence had net sales of SEK 570 million. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company managed to maintain the sales level with an improved profitability where the Adjusted EBITA margin increased to 14 % from 13 % 2019.

Paul Steene, Partner at Litorina Capital Advisors and board member of Embellence, comments:

”Litorina has been highly committed in the development of Embellence from being a local wallpaper producer to become an international House of Brands within interior decoration. We have strong faith in management’s ability to reach the set financial targets, and as a listed company with strengthened balance sheet, Embellence is well equipped to pursue interesting M&A opportunities. The IPO is a natural step in Embellence’s development and Litorina welcomes all new shareholders to be part of Embellence’s continued journey.”

Olle Svensk, CEO of Embellence, comments:

“The listing on Nasdaq First North Premier is a natural step in our journey to build a leading, brand-driven global group in wallpaper, textile, and rugs. Our target is to double the Company’s size by 2025 by focusing on continued international expansion in the premium segment, which shows attractive organic growth. Also, complemented by a clear acquisition agenda, I, together with the entire Company, welcome new shareholders to be part of our continued journey.”


For further information, please contact:

Paul Steene, Partner, Litorina Capital Advisors
Tel.: +46 8 545 181 88

Olle Svensk, CEO, Embellence
Tel.: +46 33 23 64 00

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About Embellence

Embellence Group, founded in 1905 in Borås, is a leading European company in the premium wallpaper segment and has a prominent position internationally with sales in over 90 countries. Our brands include Cole & Son, Wall&decò, Perswall, Pappelina and Boråstapeter. Embellence shall develop its position as a leading House of Brands in interior decoration with a focus on wallpaper, textile, rugs and other interior decoration and drive development in a changing wallpaper and interior decoration market. The Company’s target is to double sales during the next five years to SEK 1.2 billion through continued focus on the premium segment, continuing to expand the international share of net sales and through acquisition of international companies. For more information, please visit,

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