Litorina portfolio company RugVista successfully completes listing on Nasdaq First North Premier


  • RugVista Group (“RugVista”), one of the leading European direct-to-consumer (“D2C”) online platforms within rug sales, today announced the outcome of the initial public offering of its shares on Nasdaq First North Premier
  • The offering attracted very strong interest from Swedish and international institutions as well as the general public in Sweden, and was multiple times oversubscribed
  • The IPO was priced at SEK 125 per share which corresponds to a market capitalisation of c. SEK 2.5 billion
  • Litorina sold 70% of its shares in the IPO including over-allotment and currently holds c. 18% of the total shares in RugVista and remains the largest shareholder of the company

Litorina invested in RugVista (then CarpetVista) in December 2015 with the ambition of creating a leading D2C online platform within rug sales, a niche which still today trails other consumer goods verticals in terms of online penetration. Since Litorina’s entry, RugVista has grown net sales organically at a CAGR of c. 23%, reaching c. SEK 560 million as of 2020. During Litorina’s holding, RugVista has emerged as a leader within the rug industry not only in terms of volume, but also as a responsible company having made significant investments and efforts in establishing responsible procurement practices and supply chain management as well as taking steps towards lowering the environmental impact. Furthermore, RugVista is focused on being an attractive employer by offering a positive work environment with good development opportunities for its employees. Today, RugVista sells rugs and carpets through web shops in 20 different languages which during 2020 attracted some 33 million visits and some 206 thousand orders from customers in c. 55 different countries.

Paul Steene, Partner at Litorina Capital Advisors and board member of RugVista, comments:

“During Litorina’s ownership, RugVista has organically nearly tripled its revenues on the back of significant investments in the organisation, the technology platform as well as logistics setup. We are very proud of what we have accomplished together with the management team and the board and we feel enthusiastic about the future for RugVista. The interest in RugVista’s listing has demonstrated great trust in the company from both private savers and institutions. Litorina looks forward to continuing supporting the company and welcomes all new shareholders taking part in RugVista’s exciting growth journey.”

Michael Lindskog, CEO of RugVista, comments:

“RugVista has, since it was founded in 2005, established itself as one of the leading players in the European online market for carpet and rug sales. We are optimistic about the future based on additional customer segments realizing the benefits of buying our products online, in combination with our ambitious vision and the growth initiatives that we drive. Litorina has supported with valuable resources and knowledge to establish a sustainable platform for future growth. I am grateful for their contribution to date and look forward to continuing the journey as a listed company where I also welcome all new shareholders of RugVista.”

For further information, please contact:

Paul Steene, partner, Litorina Capital Advisors
Tel.: +46 8 545 181 88

Michael Lindskog, CEO, RugVista
Tel.: +46 40 668 81 04

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RugVista is one of the leading European direct-to-consumer online platforms within carpet and rug sales through its online stores, available in 20 different languages, using the RugVista and CarpetVista brands. The company was founded in 2005 and offers a broad and relevant range of quality design and traditional carpets and rugs. RugVista Group is headquartered in Limhamn and its operations are divided into three segments: B2C, B2B, and Marketplaces & Other (MPO). The B2C segment represents the consumer market and is the company’s core segment. For more information, please visit

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