Litorina completes fundraising of Litorina V at the 3 billion SEK target

Litorina closed the raising of Litorina V on August 14 at the 3 billion SEK target, representing an increase of 20% to Litorina IV. The Fund will continue the successful strategy of investing in primarily Swedish companies valued at 200-1,000 million SEK.


Investors are well reputed institutions from Europe, North America and Asia with a mix of pension funds, asset managers, insurance companies and funds-of-funds. Building on the successful strategy of predecessor funds, Litorina V will focus on majority investments in primarily owner-led companies with opportunities to accelerate growth and value creation through a clear agenda in partnership with earlier owners.

Litorina V has already made investments in the exciting growth company Digpro and in Bergfalk and Johan i Hallen, who together form a new group.

Legal advisers for the fundraising were Proskauer and Vinge, with Quest acting as placement agent.

For further information, please contact:

Jörgen Ekberg, Managing Partner, +46 708 113 16

Litorina, founded in 1998, focuses on acquiring and industrially developing companies together with their management teams. Litorina offers broad and deep expertise both via its own organization and through its network of industrial advisors. Litorina V Advisor AB serves as an investment advisor to the Swedish private equity fund Litorina V AB. For more information, please visit