Kundpartner becomes part of Northclean

Through the partnership, Northclean establishes itself in the southwestern part of Sweden and strengthens its offering to private corporate customers. The acquisition is in line with Northclean’s strategy of acquiring leading quality companies within cleaning and adjacent services in Sweden and the Nordic region.

KP och NC pressbild

Kundpartner was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Ramlösa, near Helsingborg. With a strong focus on private corporate clients, the company has had a remarkable growth journey, resulting in several industry awards such as “Årets Branschföretag 2022” in Clean Bright Awards and Di Gasell. Today, the company has over 300 employees and offices in Malmö, Helsingborg, Kristianstad, Karlskrona, Gothenburg, and Stockholm.

Kundpartner will keep its well-established brand and strong local presence after the acquisition. Peter Rehnström and Roy Lindqvist, CEO and Vice CEO of Kundpartner, respectively, will also continue as major shareholders in Kundpartner and will continue to drive the company forward together with Northclean.

“We are very impressed by Kundpartner’s journey and are excited to welcome them to Northclean. Kundpartner complements Rengörare Näslund in terms of customers and geography. The partnership is spot on for our strategy and a significant step in building Northclean,” commented Jan-Olof Backman, Chairman of the Board for Northclean.

Kundpartner complements Rengörare Näslund, which became Northclean’s first company a year ago, very well. Both through expanding the geographical presence from Stockholm and the Mälardalen region to Skåne and western Sweden, as well as broadens the exposure to private customers from public customers. Moreover, Kundpartner possesses expertise in air quality, which Northclean considers an exciting area of development for both the company and the industry.

Peter Rehnström, CEO and co-founder of Kundpartner, said, “When we considered bringing in a partner, it was important for us to preserve the strengths of Kundpartner – a strong brand, close customer relationships, and fantastic employees – while gaining better business opportunities. The partnership with Northclean is exactly what we were looking for, and we are extremely happy to become part of Northclean and have the opportunity to continue developing Kundpartner as part of the group.”

For more information, please contact:

Jan-Olof Backman, Chairman of the Board for Northclean, +46 708 837 483

Peter Rehnström, CEO of Kundpartner, +46 707 333 743

Northclean was formed in the spring of 2022 when Rengörare Näslund, together with the investment company Litorina, created the group. The core of Northclean consists of the operating companies within the group, along with its driven entrepreneurs and employees. The companies within Northclean operate under their own well-established brands and continue to build on their strengths and established market positions. Northclean is owned and operated in partnership with the entrepreneurs and employees, the management team and board, as well as the investment company Litorina.

Since its inception in 2007, Kundpartner has been involved in various forms of personnel and organizational development. In 2016, Kundpartner started its operations in cleaning and other nearby services. Today, Kundpartner has over 300 employees engaged in cleaning, with offices in Malmö, Helsingborg, Kristianstad, Karlskrona, Gothenburg and Stockholm. In the past 5 years, Kundpartner has been a finalist in the “Årets Glansföretag” award, recognizing the best company in the industry, as determined by the magazine Rent.