JOHBECO acquires Gothia Seafood and Fiskgrossisten

The JOHBECO group, consisting of suppliers Johan i Hallen, Bergfalk, and Fiskeboa, continues to grow. They are now acquiring fish and seafood specialists Gothia Seafood in Gothenburg and Fiskgrossisten in Helsingborg – allowing them to offer high-quality meat and fish products throughout Sweden.


Earlier this year, JOHBECO announced the acquisition of fish supplier Fiskeboa, and now they are taking it up another notch. The acquisition of Gothia Seafood and Fiskgrossisten was completed in mid June and will reinforce the company’s offer further. The group is primarily targeting customers within the hotel and restaurant industry, as well as fish counters, and will thanks to this new deal be able to offer high-quality products, regardless of where in Sweden they are located.

“We are very excited about this. We are gaining access to new markets, our customers gain access to high-quality meat and deli products, while at the same time, we can supply Johan i Hallen’s customers with all the products of the sea, all in one delivery,” says Magnus Gustafsson, CEO of Gothia Seafood.

Keeping a small-scale perspective

By teaming up, the suppliers will now be able to offer the market even better short and safe deliveries, which guarantees fresh, high-quality raw products. However, Johan i Hallen, Gothia Seafood and Fiskgrossisten value their personal commitment and connection they have with their customers.

“Our customers won’t notice a huge difference, we will still be the small business with the great commitment and love of good products. Now we have every opportunity to supply restaurants, hotels and fish counters with the best, highest quality products,” says Martin Eriksson, CEO of Johan i Hallen.

The goal for JOHBECO is to be the best fresh food specialist in the Nordic region, and the acquisition of Gothia Seafood and Fiskgrossisten is another step in the right direction.

“Johan i Hallen, Bergfalk, Gothia Seafood, Fiskgrossisten, and Fiskeboa combined will be an incredibly powerful team. Together, we can offer the very best products to both new and existing customers, from the west coast and the rest of Sweden,” concludes Lars Bengtsson, CEO of the JOHBECO group

For further information, please contact:

Lars Bengtsson +46 70 523 30 02, CEO of JOHBECO
Magnus Gustafsson +46 70 873 03 75, CEO of Gothia Seafood