Fresks acquires XL-BYGG Västerås

Fresks continues to expand through the acquisition of XL-BYGG Västerås AB, which operates two stores in Ransta and Västerås. The owners, Ulrika and Patrik Andersson, will retain their respective operating roles in the company and reinvest a significant share of the proceeds from the transaction in Fresks.


XL-BYGG Västerås has its origin in Ransta Snickeri AB which was founded by Ulrika’s grandfather back in 1939. Today XL-BYGG Västerås operates one store in Ransta (between Sala and Västerås) and a new store in Västerås (opened in March 2016).

Ulrika and Patrik has noted the ongoing consolidation in the industry and felt attracted to the idea of being part of a larger organisation in order to stand stronger in the market going forward.

“We have been approached by a number of firms but we were attracted by Fresks and their ambitions as well as the opportunity to reinvest and to continue being a part of the XL-BYGG chain”, says Patrik Andersson.

”We really appreciate Ulrika’s and Patrik’s spirit in combination with a state-of-the-art store in a city like Västerås” says Leif Lindholm, CEO Fresks Group.

After the acquisition Fresks Group will have a total of 23 stores with pro forma revenues of c. SEK 1.4 bn and c. 375 employees.

For further information, please contact:

Leif Lindholm, +46 70 698 27 00, CEO Fresks Group

Fresks, founded in 1862 is a leading Swedish building material retail chain in Northern Sweden focused on the professional segment. The company has 23 stores under the brands XL-BYGG Fresks, XL-BYGG Östergyllen and Gärdin & Pärsson. Fresks sells high quality building material with high degree of service primarily to small and mid-sized professional customers. For more information, please visit and